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Stirling Theological College
Mulgrave, VIC, Australia

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Research Coordinator (0.6 FTE)


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Mulgrave, VIC, Australia 


Associations/NFP's, Other, Schools/Teaching, Trainer / Lecturer


in keeping with Church of Christ Vic/Tas minister stipend

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Stirling Theological College is searching for a suitably qualified Research Coordinator to join the team in the first half of 2019 (to be negotiated).  The Research Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation and development of all forms of research, in line with University of Divinity quality and quantity objectives.  Research at Stirling has been growing in recent years, including through Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students and among the faculty.  We are seeking someone who fits our culture and Christ centred mission, who is a team player that can work well with colleagues and also set an example through personal outputs.

Confidential enquiries and applications can be made to:
The Principal, Dr Andrew Menzies
 or (03) 9790 1000

Applications close on 23 November 2018

Key Requirements for Stirling Research Coordinator
The following qualities will be demonstrated in the successful applicant:
  • Enthusiastic supporter of Stirling’s Christ-centred mission, ‘To form God’s people for leadership, mission and ministry’
  • Active member of a Christian faith community/church
  • A research doctorate and track record of peer reviewed publishing and original research
  • Willingness to meet requirements for and maintain research active status with University of Divinity (UD)
  • Demonstrated ability to supervise HDR students
  • Demonstrated ability to work with and supervise faculty/colleagues so as to enable research outputs
  • Commitment to theological integrity, academic freedom, generous orthodoxy, and the structures and processes that support these
  • Team player: within Stirling and UD
  • Ability and willingness to teach within an academic discipline(s) of UD at Stirling
  • Ability to teach and coordinate a Research Methods unit
  • Demonstrated ability to administer and manage varied tasks within deadlines
  • Demonstrated commitment to the advancement of research and theological education

Job Requirements:

1.  Member of Stirling Faculty
The Research Coordinator will be a key member of the Stirling faculty and is ultimately responsible for strategy and promotion of a successful research culture and its outputs.  Additional appropriate duties may be assigned by the Principal as part of this role.
2.   Key Duties
2.1       The Research Coordinator provides academic research leadership at Stirling and will maintain a research active status as defined by the University’s Academic Staff Policy.
2.2       The Research Coordinator exercises significant authority in matters relating to HDR students and their supervisors, playing a leading role in quality assurance.
2.3       The Research Coordinator works collegially with academic staff at Stirling to foster a research culture, research innovation, research quality and to promote awareness of University policies and strategies concerning research.
2.4       The Research Coordinator is a member of the University’s Research Committee (see Regulation 2 Academic Board, Determination 6.1.3).
2.5       The Research Coordinator works closely with Research Coordinators from other UD colleges and with the UD Director of Research, Research Services Officer and Research Development Coordinator.
2.6       The Research Coordinator will develop and monitor an effective Research Strategy.
2.7       The Research Coordinator will set an example for faculty and students in research output, quality and approach.
3. Responsibilities
3.1       The Research Coordinator plays a leading role in research activities such as:
a)    Developing the research culture at Stirling and throughout the University
b)    Monitoring research outcomes at Stirling, including peer reviewed publications and research-based impact and engagement activities
c)    Admissions, enrolments, and orientation for HDR students, including provision of course advice and referral to appropriately qualified supervisors
d)    Ensuring Supervision Agreements are in place for each HDR thesis 
e)    Ensuring appropriate training is available to supervisors
f)     Supporting research students and their supervisors through confirmation, ethical review, and annual requirements such as research seminar attendance and annual reporting
g)    Advising staff and research students on applying for research grants and scholarships

3.2       The Research Coordinator also plays a leading role in the integration of research, learning and teaching by:
a)         Teaching at least one unit per semester at Stirling
b)         Maintaining ‘teaching active’ status with UD
c)         Identifying potential HDR students who are currently in coursework degrees and tracking with them into various branches of research
d)         Contributing to the improvement of teaching, learning and research at Stirling

3.3       Specific responsibilities are assigned to Research Coordinators under the following University Policies:
a)    Academic Integrity Policy
b)    Admissions Policy – course advice to prospective students and applicants for admission
c)    Course Progress Policy – ensuring student progress is monitored and that action is taken when a student is at risk of unsatisfactory progress
d)    Enrolment Policy – oversight of enrolments in HDR, including recommending changes to candidature and leave of absence
e)    Inclusion Policy – Authorisation of a Student Support Plan for students with special needs
f)     Minor Thesis Policy – assistance with student preparation of a topic and identification of a suitable supervisor
g)    Research Grants Policy – oversight of Research Grant applications at a College
h)    Research Scholarships Policy – assessment of Research Scholarship applications
i)     Supervisors Policy – approval of the appointment of Supervisors and negotiation of a Supervision Agreement

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