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Mt Evelyn Christian School
Mt Evelyn, VIC, Australia

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Our Vision

“Seeking the Kingdom of God in Education.”

Our Mission

“We provide Parent-governed, Christ-centred schooling with learning experiences that challenge each student to actively live for God in His world, while partnering with Christian parents in the nurture of their children at a price affordable to those who are committed”

Our Faith

80% of our families have a Christian faith.
This means that they have a faith in Jesus Christ and that the families regularly attend a Church Community.

This is a Board directive, which we must adhere to.

Where did MECS come from?

MECS began as dream in the mid-1950s! Christian parents dreamed of education with a Christian perspective for their children – and grandchildren. In the 1960s, they organised themselves and were very active in raising funds. In 1964, the pioneers formed their Association of Parents for Christian Education, Mount Evelyn and accelerated the pace of work to establish a Christian school. With daring and vision in 1970, they purchased our wonderful six-hectare school property. Their dreams were realised when they opened Mount Evelyn, Christian Primary School on the 3rd February 1973 – a full 19 years after the very first fundraising effort. The school opened with three teachers teaching 80 children in grades Prep to 6 in three composite groups.

Why a Christian school?

We have two main motives for operating as a Christian school. The first is that we believe that Jesus Christ is to be Lord over every single part of life, including the education of our children. The second is that God has given to parents, the responsibility of nurturing their children. Their education is a major part of that.
MECS sees its primary task as unfolding God’s world with children in the educational domain (families and church also do this but in other domains of life). This involves students understanding that they are God’s creative handiwork, unique, precious and loved, made in God’s image and gifted in many ways. They also learn how to work and play within the world, and what God asks of them. As students understand themselves, their world, and have a healthy view of the calling God has for them, they are well equipped and positioned to engage as active participants in society and as disciples of the Lord.
Such a holistic understanding stands in stark contrast to the broad Australian view that schools exist for the purpose of providing students with basic skills and the where-with-all to get a good job at the end of the process. One is a view of God’s kingdom and the call to serve, the other, the material world in which one needs to work. Two very different views about education.

How is MECS different from other Christian schools?

There are many different types of faith-based schools in our area, some run by churches, and others with a very loose connection to a church or the Christian faith. MECS takes its ‘Christian’ label very seriously and develops its approach to education in faithful response to that foundation.
MECS stands in the tradition of the reformation that sees the world as God’s handiwork, fallen through sin, in need of salvation that can only be found through Jesus Christ. In this understanding, those who celebrate Christ as Lord approach their task in life as people redeemed by God. This approach will dynamically transform the type of educational practice of those committed to it. That is why many label it as a transformational approach to education.
Developing Christian education is a natural part of the Christian life because God calls his people to offer all that they do as praise to him. Christian educators at MECS seek to transform all teaching and learning because God wants to be Lord of all they do. Any close observer of MECS would see a wide range of ways in which aspects of school life have been transformed.

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